We aspire to become Africa's largest ecosystem of online
learning, giving millions the opportunity for continued
self-paced education and professional development.
Explore Our Courses By Africans
for Africa and the world
We are ambitious and fully committed to play our part in
delivering the 2030 promise by accelerating smart solutions
around the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development.
Explore Our Courses Responding to a call
for a "Decade of Action"
We are disrupting the way Africa learns by making higher
education and 21st century skills of work inclusive, affordable and
accessible to all groups of learners.
Explore Our Courses Bringing people to education
and education to people

Inspiring life change in the region by connecting great teachers with knowledge-enthusiastic, curious minds.

Turnaround Institute (TAI) is an African online education marketplace where curious learners quench their insatiable thirst for knowledge and top instructors curate classes that empower them to thrive in a globally competitive world.

We are a global community of diverse stakeholders united with a shared mission of using education to engage each other in a way that generates positive social value, growth, and transformation.


We deliver results-based education to all groups of learners
and impart the hands - on skills they need to participate as
active members of the society.
Building the next generation
of leaders in Africa
We offer a platform for tutors around the world to build
a global brand and earn a decent living while
serving a worthy life mission.
Improving lives through
Innovation strategy for education
Build an all-round perspective that helps you stand out in
a challenging world that is complex, ever-changing
and globally competitive.
Upskill, Newskill, Reskill and
Cross skill your way to future success

New Students Join Every Week

Join our worldwide community of instructors who will help you succeed
and turn your dreams into reality!

Limitless learning, more possibilities

Join us today and access the best classes from Africa's top thought leaders and subject matter experts.

New Courses

Join our global community of skilled instructors committed to helping you succeed.

Mixology 101 – Basics of Bartending Read More
$300.00 $50.00

A sneak preview into my farm

0 Lessons 0 Students
Crime Prevention and Management Read More
$500.00 $50.00

Crime Prevention and Management

26 Lessons 1 Students
Essentials of Business Branding Read More

Essentials of Business Branding

13 Lessons 0 Students
Strategic Management Fundamentals Read More
$450.00 $50.00

Strategic Management Fundamentals

36 Lessons 0 Students

What our Students Have to say

In order to meet the dynamic demands and reality of the 21st century
marketplace, modern education systems must be rediscovered, reimagined
and reinvented. As the world becomes overwhelmingly complex and
tremendously competitive learning, unlearning and relearning
are no longer a privilege.
The future of education:
Learning and teaching


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