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Earn a good living while pursuing a worthy life mission

Join our dynamic team of instructors committed to making a good living while influencing others to become the best version of themselves. If it's your first time, or you've been teaching for years, we trust your ability to build a powerful course that will positively impact someone out there in the world.

How to become a teacher

Build a course, establish a brand, earn a decent living, impact others and live the life you deserve

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Do you have a passion for teaching? Are you thinking of ways to gain an additional passive income? Is there a particular experience or skill that you have accumulated over the years that you feel capable of imparting to others?
To help you scale up your career to the next level, we are offering you an online education marketplace. What you need to do is join our pool of trainers, build a relevant course, upload it, earn a decent living and have a positive impact on others. We do not charge you for hosting courses on our platform.
At TAI, we offer only courses that conform to our original goal - vision, mission, and purpose for establishment. Our independent tutors are required to curate and deliver programs that remain consistent with our policy on the subject. Controversial content is strongly discouraged, so we strongly suggest that you become aware of our policies. To help meet these expectations, our vibrant quality assurance team is in a position to help.
Payment Terms

Please note that once your course(s) is added to our online education marketplace, you can begin to see enrollment in your new student list. Teachers are paid depending on the purchasing of the actual course. This implies that the greater the demand for the course and the subscription, the higher the profits. Every month, we assign 50 percent of the net monthly subscription revenue to the instructor. Revenue is calculated by the 15th business day of the month from the subscription generated in the previous month per course. For instance, income from November will be paid by the 15th business day of December. This provides ample time for our finance team to be effective and efficient in supporting you.


The Turnaround Institute is based in Kenya, which means that all teachers have tax obligations to the government of Kenya. The revenue earned by the teachers shall be net of all taxes applicable. The payments are subject to the Kenya Withholding Tax, which may differ depending on the instructor's residency. In lieu of this amount, TAI will withhold this amount as per the law and give the teacher a withholding tax certificate. The teacher shall be solely liable for the payment of taxes and all statutory payments in force, including, without limitation, taxes on income that may be due or payable in respect of any income obtained.

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