For a company succeed in today’s innovation - driven global economy,
workers need a different set of skills than in the past. Workplace learning
must evolve to blend traditional face-to-face peer learning with use
of emerging technology to make learning more effective.
Curating and teaching transformative
skills for an evolving 21st - century
world of work

The Turnaround Institute (TAI) enables professionals to learn
essential skills
at their own pace from any specialist
in the comfort of their own home,
cost effectively

Compared to traditional single-method employee training, the blended learning model
allows an employer to deliver online training in a more efficient and cost-effective
manner by combining online independent learning with instructor-led training.

Virtual Corporate Learning and Teaching Environment

As the corporate training market becomes unpredictable due volatile changes in the global marketplace, companies are being forced to rethink their traditional approach to doing business.

Migrating to an online mode of delivery of teaching and learning is not optional if one aims to stay relevant, competitive, and sustainable. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely altered the educational landscape, providing us with a peek into the reality of the future.

A modern training service provider company that adopts an eLearning strategy would be able to:

  • Boost the company’s economic growth potential by scaling up training programs and tapping into previously inaccessible new markets and customer segments – breaking down regional barriers in the process.
  • Competitively position and uniquely differentiate a corporate brand and its training services from strategic peers
  • Provide courses to a much wider audience allowing more customer engagement and revenue generation

A modern company that adopts an eLearning strategy for its employees would be able to:

  • Appreciate the flexibility and convenience of self-paced learning, as it is simple to fit an online class into a busy daily schedule since one can learn from anywhere and at any time.
  • Minimize training expenses while increasing the return on investment.
  • Activate blended learning, which combines the benefits of conventional classroom instruction with the extensive use of digital technology to make learning more real-time, personalized, interactive, immersive, and interesting.
  • In a blended learning environment, the teacher can implement and set the context for a lesson in the classroom, then ask students to complete those parts of the lesson using web-based tools on their own. This not only saves time, but it also allows teachers more time to answer questions and evaluate the students’ comprehension levels in the classroom.

The Turnaround Institute (TAI) is here to help you get started on your eLearning project, whether it’s to create and sell virtual training content or to migrate your company’s learning to a blended format.

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