Mission Drive

For a non-profit organization, the most critical thing is its mission. Working with TAI will help our partner organizations accomplish this goal effectively. We offer an opportunity for a global education partnership. Our focus is on the disadvantaged young adult community and their difficulty in transitioning to higher learning due to the socio-economic stigma caused by poverty. We collaborate with a network of local and foreign sponsors’ worldwide working in the fields of education. These relationships help to improve the skills of young people who set out to pursue work or create self-employment. We give them access to reliable and relevant content required for a successful transition into the 21st-century world of work.

Strategic Partnership

There is nothing in business today that provides as much economic and social benefit to as many stakeholders as a strategic partnership based on a common good. There is a major shift across nonprofit and for-profit partnerships, with the “new standard” being the desire to capture shared financial and social interest.  Keeping this into account, TAI is committed to delivering a Business Value Proposition (BVP) that attracts and outlines benefits to all of our stakeholders, regardless of the business and operating sector. As a for-profit social enterprise, we fully understand our responsibility to go beyond simple revenue generation to having a clear focus and impact on the achievement of the greater good.

Technical Support

At TAI, we establish a clear understanding of the interests of a potential partner organization; tailor a superior value that helps them gain significant advantages in their journey towards fulfilling their purpose.  We provide high technical support to enhance the capacity of organizations aiming to improve education across Africa.  We focus our efforts on expanding access to fair and affordable learning opportunity in higher education for the disadvantaged segment of society.  Our dedication is to level the field of play by empowering students who lack the financial capital to fulfill their educational dreams in full.

Sustainable Development

TAI aims to deliver programs with our partners that will help the community get empowered and eventually achieve sustainable development. Through capacity building, we impart the skills and expertise that the wider society needs to solve fundamental challenges to gain control of their lives.  We also encourage the community to participate in the programs that will help them improve their quality of life. As an organization, we have recognized the sustainability challenge, and we also agree that one cannot work alone in this area; it is important to collaborate with other like-minded stakeholders to tackle the problem in a broader sense. Partnerships with businesses and corporations are essentially important in providing sustainable alternatives.