Helping our partners embrace and achieve the triple bottom line

Sustainable development is the masterful balance of meeting our own
needs in the present without jeopardizing future generations’
ability to doing the same


The most important factor for a mission-driven organization is impact. Working with TAI would effectively help our partner organizations achieve this objective. We provide an opportunity for global collaboration in education. Because of the socio-economic stigma created by poverty, our attention is on the disadvantaged young adult population and their challenges in transitioning to higher education. In order to foster inclusiveness, affordability and accessibility to quality education, we work together with a worldwide network of local and international donors.


Nothing in business today offers as many stakeholders with as much economic and social value as a strategic alliance focused on a common good. There is a significant change in non-profit and for-profit partnerships with intention to simultaneously capture common financial and social interests is becoming the “new standard.” TAI is committed to providing a Business Value Proposition (BVP) that attracts and outlines benefits to all of our stakeholders, irrespective of the industry and operating sector.


At TAI, we build a clear understanding of a potential partner organization’s interests; tailor a superior value that enables them to achieve significant benefits in their quest to fulfill their mission. In order to strengthen the capacity of organizations working to enhance education across Africa, we provide strong technical support. We are concentrating our energies on improving access to affordable higher education education opportunities for the underprivileged segment of society. Our commitment is to level the playing field by inspiring students who lack the financial muscle to equally realize their educational dreams.


TAI strives to deliver projects with our partners that will help inspire the community to embrace sustainable development actively. We impart the knowledge and skills through capacity building that the broader community needs to address fundamental challenges in order to regain control of their lives. We also urge all our stakeholders to engage in activities that lead to raising the quality of life.