Career Readiness

For the younger generation, TAI offers a platform to acquire the appropriate learning and education in readiness for the career path they would like to pursue. Most people face the challenge of not being completely conscious of the actual professional direction to follow after secondary learning, and that’s all right. We offer them the ideal launch pad to help accelerate their journey towards future greatness by exposing them at an early stage of their transition to market-relevant skills of the 21st-century world.

Personal Development

Personal development is not only responsible for career progression, but it also proves critical in helping to shape a well-rounded person poised to live a satisfying life. Our courses are designed to allow individuals to discover the real self, activate and optimize their full potential in both life and work. We seek to instill vital life skills that shape people’s ability to creatively, critically, and analytically solve the complex problems of the modern world. Exposing our learners to self-development courses currently not forming part of our mainstream education system, we help to activate new abilities lying untapped.

True North Discovery

TAI courses are designed to assist the younger generation to calibrate their life compass in the correct direction. As the world becomes more interconnected and our problems more complex, we are searching for refined men and women who act as agents of social change, shaping ideas that challenge the present norm. Without having the right ideals, beliefs, and values inculcated, that purpose will not be accomplished. Young people need to be empowered to lead themselves so that they can lead others effectively in the future. We are positioning them for that advantage.

Global Competitiveness

Sweeping changes driven by the forces of technology and innovation has made education even more essential in today’s world. The global economic landscape has turned the 21st-century economy into a fast-changing one. The laws of business and employment are constantly being reinvented. The younger generation remains vulnerable to economic obsolescence without continuous capacity building – this would result in African nations accelerating the unemployment crisis at a higher pace. TAI is dedicated to delivering knowledge and skills that will make our next generation thrive in a world that is globally connected.