Inside all of us lies an innate knowledge, skill, talent, mastery 
or acquired experience that someone else wants to learn
and is willing to pay for
Earn a six-figure passive income
by sharing what you already
know and have mastered

You have skills that other people want to learn and pay for

The majority of people believe it is difficult to establish a passive income stream.
All one has to do is dig deep within, identify an innate skill that is of value to
someone else, package and sell it to the world and earn a six-figure income.


TAI offers instructors an opportunity to build an alternate source of income that requires minimum time and energy investment to manage the process. Launching of an online training course is a perfect way to become a successful entrepreneur. Our platform enables anyone to turn their innate know-how into earnings over time, without the need to trade time for money or experience the feeling of being overwhelmed. Teaching through TAI will allow instructors worldwide to grow and develop professionally, while earning more.


Online courses are a perfect way for a local instructor to share knowledge and connect with a global audience across historically inaccessible markets. By choosing to be a part of our learning facilitator community in their area of expertise, instructors are be able to build a unique reputation, position themselves as an authority in their profession and industry, increase credibility, distinguish their brand from the competition, advance career, extend circle of influence and ultimately have a greater impact on the world.


TAI offers individuals around the world a fantastic opportunity to stimulate innate talents, abilities, and skills that are currently dormant into a more rewarding experience. Our platform helps tutors realize their artistic, creative, analytical, and social potential globally while earning a profitable return at the same time. Working with us, tutors can resourcefully exploit and refine their current skills to create more opportunities for their brand, while retaining total control of the process. We help them unlock and activate the best version of best version of themselves in the marketplace.


TAI gives instructors the chance to earn a decent living while fulfilling a worthy life mission – making a positive effect on others. For instructors, our platform is the ideal launchpad to build and  leave a lasting legacy by participating in helping to overcome some of the world’s education challenges. We advocate for and encourage leading subject matter experts, industry thought leaders and marketplace influencers to make a living by being part of the solution. It is our collective duty and mission to consider ways in which we can meet current needs without undermining the capacity of future generations to meet theirs.