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Online learning is the future of education

The traditional higher education paradigm has fundamentally changed in the age of digital transformation.
Attending a typical classroom in person is no longer the only option. Anyone, anytime,
and from anywhere, can get a quality education at a low cost.


TAI provides a forum for the younger generation to receive the required education and training in preparation for the career path they would like to follow. Many individuals face the difficulty of not being fully informed of the actual professional direction to follow after high school, and that’s okay. We give them the perfect launch pad to help accelerate their journey towards future greatness by exposing them early to the 21st-century world’s market-relevant skills.


TAI courses are designed to assist the younger generation to calibrate their life compass in the right direction. As the world becomes interconnected and challenges more complicated, refined men and women are needed to serve as agents of social change, influencing ideas that challenge the conventional norm. This goal can not be achieved without getting the right ideals, principles, and values inculcated – young people need to be motivated to lead themselves in the present so that they can successfully lead others in the future.


Not only is personal development responsible for career advancement, but it also proves to be crucial in helping to shape a well-rounded person ready to live a rewarding life. Our courses are designed to allow individuals to discover the real self, unlock and maximize their full potential in both life and work. We aim to instill essential life skills that shape the ability of people to solve the modern world’s complex problems creatively, critically, and analytically. By exposing our learners to self-development courses that are currently not part of our mainstream curriculum, we help to build new skills that currently lie untapped.


The 21st-century world’s work market landscape is a fast-changing one. Company and job regulations are increasingly being reinvented. Without constant capacity building, the younger generation remains vulnerable to economic obsolescence, resulting in an intensified unemployment crisis in Africa. TAI is committed to providing expertise and skills that will make our next generation succeed in a globally competitive world.