Revenue Generation

TAI helps students to purchase courses online and start learning immediately – this helps organizations generate extra income by cross-selling or up-selling outside their traditional revenue sources. Our platform also allows organizations the opportunity to minimize costs that are typically associated with traditional teaching; all training can be done online, which ensures that the learning and development budget will save a significant amount. By teaching online, an institution gets the ability to access a new community of learners from various geographic locations around the world and thus increase its target audience.

Brand Competitiveness

TAI is built to help learning organizations move to the top of their market and gain a competitive advantage required to outperform their peers. Getting a brand to stand out from the crowd in a globally competitive, complex and highly dynamic marketplace is not an easy task – being part of our learning network will automatically give you that advantage. Through providing your courses with us, we will significantly influence your ability to increase your revenue positively, raise the awareness of your institution’s brand, boost consumer loyalty, and differentiate your value proposition across the globe in a unique way.

Learning Management

TAI offers a central learning center for our institutional partners where learners and teachers can come together to share their knowledge for everyone’s benefit. Our platform enables organizations to create content for e-learning, organize it into courses, deliver, enroll students, monitor and evaluate their performance. Working with us enables your organization to customize an effective learning path and arrange your content in such a way that traditional classes cannot deliver. The content and information can also be quickly updated because it is organized in a central location.

Student Focus

TAI promotes a student-centered learning option; this helps teachers to address the diverse needs of individual students in a blended learning environment – different student groups can study independently, without interfering with one another. Our platform also fosters equity in learning with an emphasis on the abilities of the actual student, regardless of their technical background. Every student enjoys a more personalized approach to their learning process – they can study the material at their own pace online, whether it is on a laptop, mobile, tablet, or computer device, at any time, as long as they have Internet connection.