A sustainable corporation is one that creates profit for its stakeholders while protecting the environment and improving the lives of those with whom it interacts


Companies that succeed in today’s complex and globally competitive marketplace are the ones that appear to be taking a more responsible and profitable strategy for doing business. A sustainable business stands an excellent chance of being more successful for decades to come – a company that honors the principles of sustainability is built to last.

Profitability and responsibility can and must go hand in hand – the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) is going mainstream. Modern executives need to find ways of promoting and implementing sustainable development as a central facet of the organization’s business model.

Organizations must aim to find the ‘sweet spot’ where the business, stakeholders, and environmental interests meet. Responsible leaders today have to ensure that the needs of the community are addressed in a way that also helps the next generation fulfill their own needs.

Companies can continue to prosper financially while preserving and renewing the required social, environmental, and economic capital. We must all find ways to thrive economically without destroying the environment or sacrificing the well-being of future generations – we must become sustainable!


We believe that today, sustainability is more important than ever. As a company, we are held accountable by society for a wider value spectrum, not just our financial benefit, so we choose to be accountable. Our main emphasis is on the impact we make on the ‘people’s’ triple bottom line pillar.

We use our platform to serve our mandate of corporate citizenship to promote equal, accessible, and affordable education across Africa. Our focus is on making education inclusive by accelerating it through society’s highly disadvantaged population.

We aim to achieve this goal by forming synergistic partnerships and strategic alliances with other organizations that harness our passion to leave a positive business footprint in pursuit of market dominance.

Our educational platform aims at improving the skills of young people who are setting out to pursue work or create self-employment. The online school offers a learning source to help young people access reliable and relevant content needed to transition successfully into the 21st-century world of work.