With e-learning, a professional association can provide members
with high-quality contextualized learning that is tailored to
meet changing industry trends and dynamics.
Deliver flexible, scalable and
standardized learning for
your members

We assist professional organizations in regulatory compliance
for industrial learning and development.

The TAI learning management system enables a professional association to offer
high-quality content and easily scale training and development solutions to all their
members from any location.


Every organization’s training and development requirements are unique. The learning needs of each department varies as well. An e-learning platform seamlessly adapts to those differences and can be customized to meet those needs.

An e-learning program also accounts for individual learning requirements at every point in the user lifecycle. For an association, a recent graduate requires a different training program than a more seasoned member looking to upgrade his or her skills.

This in-context, learner-specific instruction reflects where learners are in the user lifecycle. training and development is no longer a one-size-fits-all, HR-directed training effort. TAI’s e-learning platform supports a more contextual, customizable training experience.


Organizational training needs are in a constant state of flux as the marketplace changes at lightning speed. This requires a learning program agile enough to reflect those shifts on a near real-time basis.

Unfortunately, traditional instructor-centric, in-person training cannot meet that challenge since there’s typically a long lag time between the instructor gaining that new knowledge and then bringing it forth to learners.

On the other hand, e-learning technology swiftly incorporates an organization’s updated training demands, which are then promptly distributed to the learners. Courses can be created or updated to provide your workforce with the emerging operational skills they need to compete in the marketplace.


Because it’s all digital, it can all be measured at a granular level. The real strength of TAI e-learning platform lies in its ability to chart how the program impacts business KPIs. Before launching any automated training, collectively with our clients we decide what goal or outcome is to be accomplished in the training program and learning is customized around the predefined metrics.

Assessment of those metrics is first established then after the eLearning program is launched and once it has been up and running for a specified time period. Improvement in those areas are identified and directly reintegrated back to the e-learning asset.

Our approach is strategic enough to move the needle on a specific business objective.


As an organization grows, so does the  learning needs. TAI’s digital learning tools, easily and quickly, accommodate new users. Instead of waiting for the next off-site training course or an in-person class, new users can simply log on and start the learning process on day one. It’s simply a more efficient way to match an association’s learning and development program to its growth.

By adopting an eLearning program an associations can start with just a fraction of its members. This allows them to put the foundation in place early on, and eventually the e-learning programs will start to flourish and easily accommodate exponential growth of demand.

An association can start an e-learning program with just a handful of courses and eventually grow it from there.