Change Adaptability

Life is all about progression. Any success story, as Richard Branson puts it, is a tale of continuous adaptation, revision, and improvement. Companies are continually under pressure to improve and adapt – global and domestic competitive pressure push top management to review their organization and implement major changes. Without continuous professional growth, an employee would not be able to overcome the gaps in knowledge necessary to adapt equally to the fast-changing environment. This leaves them vulnerable to negative organizational changes. Our courses are designed to prepare employees against such consequences in an advantageous way.

Marketplace Relevance

Through pursuing continuous professional development (CPD), an employee has the opportunity to make sure that their skills are customized to match their industry of choice’s ever-changing dynamics. Obsolescence of skills has long been recognized to influence not only an individual’s career but the overall productivity of the company. There is a very diverse and rapidly growing workforce population that needs a foundation of specialized and practical skills – the challenge is that they don’t have the luxury of going through a lengthy training process offered by the existing higher-learning system. Our learning system provides workers with a fantastic solution to solving this dilemma – fast acquisition of appropriate business skills.

Improved Productivity

The productivity of employees is vital to keep the company alive and flourishing. By cultivating different skills, the overall workplace performance is exponentially improved – the employee not only has greater feelings of happiness at work but also plays a vital role in moving a company’s success forward. Doing a job without a dedication to continuous professional development (CPD) would not bring the best out of an employee – it creates workplace frustrations and stress due to a feeling of inability to accomplish tasks. Our courses are structured to tackle critical skills and challenges that need to be addressed to unlock one’s potential in work. They are carefully researched to be effective in both content and delivery.

Career Progression

Continuous professional development (CPD) forms the career growth path for employees as a result of continued knowledge gain and measurable skill acquisition. Embracing a culture of learning reflects the employee’s dedication to not only develop personally but also their career and employer’s success within their industry of service. Without CPD, employees might struggle to keep up with the ever-changing work environment. At TAI, we have created an online education marketplace that offers every employee across the ranks access to an affordable learning opportunity. We provide research-based education to employees which help them improve by learning the right skills for their careers.