Curriculum Enrichment

TAI helps schools add value to their overall education process by breathing new life into it. Through collaboration, we introduce additional complementary programs outside of the current curriculum that offers enriched education to students outside their main course of study. Our after-school education activities are intended to give students the chance to try new things, explore and grow interests both within and outside the classroom that help broaden the mind and unlock untapped latent potential. With our broad pool of passionate teachers and external instructors, we help strengthen the ultimate aim of the schools – to create students who are all rounded to successfully meet the demands of the marketplace of the 21st century with courage.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development involves processes related to the improvement of information processing skills, perceptual abilities, language learning, and other developmental aspects of brain function. By working with us, we help you develop your students’ way of thinking, exploring, and generally figuring things out – inspiring their creative, critical, and analytical problem-solving skills. Our programs are structured to strengthen the inner learner by influencing how they think and appreciate themselves and the environment in which they live. We offer courses that help students grow their human intelligence by acquiring, constructing, and using knowledge effectively.

Education For Sustainability

The Turnaround Institute (TAI) is dedicated to helping schools to gain access to better sustainable development education. As a for profit social enterprise that embraces the triple bottom line approach of doing business – we partner with schools in scaling education to the younger generation that encourages positive changes in knowledge, skills, values, understanding, attitudes  and actions needed to shape a sustainable future and just society for all. Using our marketplace expertise and subject matter thought leadership, we help schools integrate successfully education for sustainability within their mainstream curriculum and business operations.

Competency Development

TAI provides empowerment and training programs for the students in the areas of personal growth, employability, and entrepreneurship. We design courses that complement the curriculum of the school to produce market-relevant graduates by leveraging our market leadership and subject-matter expertise. We help the schools instill in their students the appropriate knowledge, skills, and qualities required for success in the globally competitive marketplace of the 21st century. Our methodology is deliberately designed to help bridge the gap between theory and practice enabling the students to position themselves effectively for potential good living and working.