Passive Income

TAI provides tutors with an opportunity to create an alternative income stream that needs minimal time and energy investment in managing the process. Launching an online training course is a great way to become a successful entrepreneur – our platform helps trainers turn their innate know-how gained over time into earnings, without the need to exchange time for money or experience the feeling of being overwhelmed. Teaching through TAI will allow tutors globally, to grow and develop professionally, while at the same time earning more.

Personal Branding

Online courses are a perfect way for a local teacher to share knowledge and to connect with a global audience across traditionally inaccessible markets. In choosing to be a part of our tutors in your area of expertise, you will be able to develop a unique reputation and position yourself as an authority in your industry, lift your credibility, and differentiate yourself from the competition, eventually advance your career, expand your circle of influence and have a greater impact on the planet. TAI is designed to help tutors around the globe to actively build exposure and differentiate themselves to their relevant audience.

Self Actualization

TAI provides a great opportunity for people around the world to activate inner strengths, skills, and abilities that are currently dormant into a more rewarding experience. Our platform helps tutors globally realize their creative, intellectual, and social potential while at the same time earning a larger income. In working with us, you will be able to resourcefully exploit and optimize your present abilities to create more opportunities for your brand, while maintaining complete process control. As a tutor, we help you to unlock and activate the best version of yourself.

Personal Stewardship

TAI gives you the ability to earn a decent living as a tutor while pursuing a worthy life mission of having a positive effect on others. Our platform gives you the perfect launch pad to leave a meaningful legacy by helping to solve some of the world’s most daunting education issues. We motivate you to make a living by being a part of the solution. It is our collective responsibility to explore ways in which we will meet present needs without compromising future generations ‘ ability to meet theirs. As tutors, in our search to make a living, we also need to think about how we can still have an impact on society while leaving the world a better place.