We are making innovation and competitiveness a reality in the African
Higher Education sector in a world that is dynamic and disruptive

Global forces are currently confronting the Higher Education industry, demanding alternative pedagogies:
knowledge must be reimagined, and learning and teaching redesigned
to meet the ever-changing landscape.

Why we Exist

We are a revolutionary virtual teaching and learning environment that provides a student-centered immersive learning experience to millions of people across Africa, equipping them with the skills of tomorrow and providing thousands of qualified lecturers with secure career opportunities to thrive in a connected world.
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Refined Redefined Learning

Working together to embrace digital revolution to promote diversity and inclusion in higher education.

What We Offer You

Real Partnerships for Real Impact

We are a pioneering virtual university that brings together a network of forward-thinking independent lecturers and universities dedicated to providing unlimited access to higher education to millions of underserved students across Africa.

A flexible real-time, self-paced learning experience from any location in the world, taught by top academics, thought leaders and prestigious institutions, and available on-demand 24/7
Integrated outcome-based education that shifts the focus of instruction away from the teacher and toward the student, with information tailored to match abilities to real-world issues.
Ability to continuously upskill, reskill, newskill, cross-skill, and expert skill within the shortest possible cycles, allowing for rapid industry changes and worldwide workforce development adaptability
Experiential ``learn by doing`` education style that bridges the gap between theory and practice for students, carried out through well-coordinated industry-academic synergistic interaction.
Ability to tailor and personalize course curricula by cherry-picking courses from a variety of disciplines depending on changing global higher education pedagogies and marketplace realities.
Blended offline and online instruction from top African and international teachers, catering to all students' learning needs and eliminating educational gaps in today's higher education system.

About Us

Making a Difference

Cloud 9 Art School offers workshops, ongoing classes, and travel and adventures to inspire joy and creativity and develop your.

We are dedicated to creating a community of inspiration and Cloud 9 is a place where children, teens and adults learn, create, and have fun in a relaxed, professional studio environment.

Our instructors are established professionals who are passionate about their own work as artists and bring that enthusiasm to their classes Art School offers workshops, ongoing classes. We are dedicated to creating a community of inspiration.

Whatever your artistic interest and whatever your age or skill level,
we have classes to drive your passions at the Fine Arts Center’s Bemis School of Art, a year-round facility. artists and art instructors, large studios, and limited class size create a motivational and supportive environment to explore and develop your talents.

The Fine Arts Center grew out of the foundation of the Broadmoor Art Academy, and our art school honors that legacy by striving to recruit instructors at the national level. One example would be Sundance Film Festival Come learn, explore.

Courses Held
Studio Fire

Learning the Transcends Physical and Socioeconomic Boundaries

Borderless Higher Education

Giving millions of students in Africa access to a one-of-a-kind in-person open lecture featuring top thought leaders and instructors from a variety of higher education specializations.

Universities from around the world that share our unique vision
and collaborate with us as strategic partners

Dominion University




Universities from around the world that share our unique vision
and collaborate with us as strategic partners