TAI aims to play a catalytic role in revitalizing Africa's education
to ensure conformity with changing marketplace realities
accelerated by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Adapting and innovating Africa's
education landscape to a fast
changing world full of uncertainty

The education world is changing. In the age of technology that we are living
in today,
all stakeholders in Africa must adapt to the evolving
landscape of teaching and learning

Education service providers must explore the idea of introducing
blended learning into the traditional classroom


We are a Digital Learning Environment where technology and education are powerfully intertwined so that ambitious students gain critical skills for the 21st-century marketplace and dedicated teachers build a successful career by delivering transformative classes and competitively positioning their personal brand to a global audience.


We assist stakeholders in the field of education in navigating the digital revolution. We support them in redefining the approach to learning and teaching in Africa and beyond by leveraging technology. Without a doubt, the current world is digital. Across many industries, innovation is reshaping traditional business paradigms. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is reshaping the way people work, learn, and live.


Education systems and the old learning paradigm must be updated and reinvented to meet the challenges of an uncertain future. The majority of people nowadays are employed in jobs that have nothing to do with their qualifications. Others face the prospect of a protracted schooling cycle and eventual job market exclusion. As a result of this predicament, the African population of today must accept the reality of lifelong learning rather than the “first learn, then work” approach.


The successful educator of the future is one who embraces blended learning – transforming into a digital instructor capable of navigating the tools and abilities required to thrive in a virtual world. The changing nature of work also necessitates a rethinking of teaching and learning pedagogy for twenty-first-century education. We are leading the way in this shift by introducing an indigenous Learning Management System (LMS) that caters to the higher education audience by offering Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).