We are an EdTech firm dedicated to adapting Africa's higher education sector to 21st-century marketplace realities and considerably accelerating transformative educational outcomes through education innovation and educating for innovation. Africa's leading Next Generation
Digital Learning Environment

Our Story

The Turnaround Institute (TAI) is an organization built with a resilient spirit and a deliberate, conscious goal to use technology to transform the education sector in Africa. Our journey began in 2020 with a friendship and a mutual interest in setting out on a path to find ways to impact the world for generations to come and leave a lasting positive footprint.

We met in a conference room six years ago – the facilitator one, the student the other, and ever since we’ve been working together. Today, two experienced professionals are embarking on a legacy project, not only to reflect on how to make a living but to do so in a fashion that positively impacts the people we come into contact with and improves the environment in which we all exist.

One issue was important: how can we create a partnership that takes advantage of our accumulated abilities to make the world a better place for the highly disenfranchised, marginalized, and disadvantaged segment of society?  The simple answer was, Education!

Africa struggles with unprecedented education inequality, especially low post-secondary enrollment rates.

For both individual and national development, education is recognized as a vital force. The majority of Africa’s young population faces the dilemma of getting too little access to quality higher education opportunities. Failure to resolve the learning gap in Africa has proven to decrease opportunity for a whole generation to improve their potential and escape poverty.

The overarching goal of a country’s education system should be to empower each citizen with the wider skills relevant to maximize potential. Historically, because of socio-economic stigma, a higher percentage of the young African populace remains marginalized. Quality higher education is a reserve for a privileged few. At the Turnaround Institute we seek to shift this narrative.

For the younger generation, TAI offers a platform for them to acquire the appropriate learning and education in readiness for the career path they would like to pursue. Most people face the challenge of not being completely conscious of the actual professional direction to follow after secondary learning, and that’s all right. We offer them the ideal launch pad to help accelerate their journey towards future greatness by exposing them at an early stage of their transition to market-relevant skills of the 21st-century world.

We use technology to disrupt the way Africa learns by making higher education and 21st century skills for the
world of work inclusive, affordable and accessible to all
groups of learners regardless of the socio - economic orientation.
Our Mission
We aspire to bring education to people and
people to education - becoming Africa’s leading
online education marketplace offering relevant
courses curated for the 21st century world of work.
Our Vision
We believe that today, sustainability is more important
than ever. As a company, we are held accountable by society
for a wider value spectrum, not just our financial benefit,
so we choose to be embrace the Triple Bottom Line model.
Our Philosophy

Core Values


Ensure fairness and educational opportunity for all Africans irrespective of socio-economic orientation – poverty is not a crime


Designing courses and creating a style of teaching to meet people’s needs from a diversity of backgrounds, skillset and cognitive abilities


Accelerating an extensive reform of the higher education system to make it easily accessible to students from marginalized backgrounds


Helping people acquire relevant skills they need to participate in designing their future and become active members of society