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content that help organizational leaders, executives, employees, and professionals maintain relevance in the 21st century marketplace

We conduct research for you, identify market trends and dynamics, forecast future
changes, document best solutions, and present the best strategies and models to
respond to those changes in a simple, understandable format


Bob Kalili, who has been working in the strategic management field since 2005, began the Think Strategy blog. The platform’s mission is to provide professionals and corporate leaders with the most practical, well-researched, and market-relevant knowledge and tools in the field of organizational leadership and management. It is deliberately engineered to provide high-impact learning that helps companies ascend the corporate ladder and inspired professionals to succeed in today’s modern workplace.


The Blueprint is a talk show that aims to help people unlock and optimize their potential in life and work by providing frontline access to the insights of Africa’s most influential thinkers. We believe that life is a game that can’t be successfully played without understanding the rules; these rules are already in the possession of a few individuals who have achieved exponential results in their field of service; all we have to do now is to reach out, ask and activate them to share what they know that can also work as a blueprint for the masses.


Every week, we release a digital audio episode featuring leading thought leaders, subject matter experts, and influencers from a variety of industries from around the world. Our goal is to provide information on topics that are important in shaping 21st-century productivity for both employers and employees. We place a strong emphasis on both existing and emerging trends in the world of work.