We are an EdTech firm dedicated to adapting Africa's higher education sector to 21st-century marketplace realities and considerably accelerating transformative educational outcomes through education innovation and educating for innovation. Africa's leading Next Generation
Digital Learning Environment

The Turnaround Institute (TAI) is an eco-system for virtual
learning designed to help resolve the most critical
higher education challenges in Africa.

We are an easy-to-use online self-education platform, offering independent
creativity-inspiring education to thousands of learners around the wider spectrum
of personal and professional development courses.


We give students the option of attending their dream classes, taught by their favorite subject matter experts, at their own pace, preferred timings, and location of choice. Our learning management system enables us to offer high-quality programs in the areas of personal, professional, and life development. Any student, regardless of social or economic status, can enroll in any course taught by any teacher across Africa and the rest of the world.


We support both individual and organizational students to upskill, reskill, new skill or cross skill to ensure that sufficient skills are developed to remain relevant in a globally competitive 21st century marketplace. Our courses are thoroughly researched, organized, and competently delivered by industry thought leaders, influencers and top subject-matter experts to ensure that professionals become proficient in their industry and stay consistent with their desired career goals.


We partner with businesses to help them to successfully implement an eLearning strategy – adopt virtual learning as a complementary alternative to employee capacity building and executive development. Our work helps companies utilize blended learning to gain an edge over their industry peers. We also enable companies within the management training industry to seamlessly leverage virtual training as an alternate model to revenue generation.


We work together to form strong alliances with other like-minded companies across industries to achieve mutually beneficial sustainable development outcomes. As a for-profit social enterprise, we are committed to achieving environmental integrity, social transformation, and economic viability at the same time in our process of serving our mission. SDGs 4, 8, 9, 10, and 17 form an integral part of our business and leadership philosophy.


The Turnaround Institute’s (TAI) learning management system (LMS) empower instructors to sell online courses from anywhere in the world, allowing them to work passively while earning a reasonable income and securing long-term self-employment opportunity. With just a username and password, students can access our archive of video tutorials from anywhere in the world, enabling local teachers to reach markets that were previously unavailable.


We provide a central learning hub where our key stakeholders, students, teachers and organizations, can collaborate to share and consume knowledge for mutual benefit.  Any education service provider can use our platform to build eLearning content, organize it into courses, deliver, enroll students, commercialize, and evaluate their performance. Students can also learn any skill, from any expert across the world at their convenience, cost effectively.


We engage with education service providers and institutional partners from all sectors – governments, foundations, nonprofits, and corporations – to develop and administer effective learning systems that are relevant to the workplace of the twenty-first century. Our commitment is to effect rapid change by adapting conventional pedagogy – approach to teaching and learning – to the modern marketplace’s dynamics.